Zhengzhou Boson Abrasives Co.,Ltd.


Vitrified Bonded CBN Wheels for Camshaft & Crankshaft Grinding.


About Boson Abrasives

Founded in 2013, Boson Abrasives is a new company but our technician engineers, sales teams have more than 16 years of experience in honing and grinding industry. We dedicated to provide honing and grinding solutions for automotive, motorcycle, air conditioning and refrigerator compressors, gears, bearings,hydraulics, electronic and aerospace industries.

We are committed to research, development and manufacturing of diamond and CBN honing abrasives, honing tools, diamond and CBN grinding tools with resin, metal and vitrified bonded. We export products with customers in over 30 countries incl. USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Russia, India, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, etc.



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