CBN and Diamond Honing Stones

CBN and Diamond Honing Stones, Honing Sticks with various shape of carrier.

The abrasives cutting sticks already blazed or glued on the stone holder.

Precision machining the surfaces, angles and radius ready to fit on honing head.

Customized honing stones, produced according to drawings or samples.

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Diamond and CBN Honing Stones

BOSON diamond and CBN honing stones, honing sticks are suitable for mounting on honing tools of all brands and designs. The extreme hardness of the cutting grain and metal bond result in excellent cutting efficiency in connection with a long service life.

Our diamond and CBN honing stones (abrasive sticks) are available as standard diamond stick to fit to the steel carrier. Alternatively, we can supply the honing stick ready for fitting as a diamond stick with expansion profile. We also supply the CBN and diamond honing sticks in the following special forms:

Application Areas:
Cast iron, steel (hardened and unhardened), hard chromium, carbide, graphite, pressed material, glass, brass, sintered metals



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