Honing Mandrel

Honing Mandrels for Sunnen and other Honing machines.


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BOSON ABRASIVES supply a wide range of honing tools, honing mandrels with high precision, longer tool life and rationalization effects for a variety of applications and honing machines.

  • Bore diameter from 2.5 to 32mm
  • Open bores
  • Blind holes
  • Interrupted bores
  • Tandem bores
  • Almost all machining materials.

Replacement Sunnen Honing Mandrels

K series ( K3 – AK20,  bore diameter range from 2.54mm to 25.48mm)
BL series (BL3 – BAL20,  bore diameter range from 2.54mm to 26.19mm)
L series (L6 – AL20, bore diameter range from 2.54mm to 26.19mm)
Y series honing mandrels.
Diamond inserted honing mandrels

Extra-long mandrels with extended shank
S = soft shoe steel mandrel, for honing most materials.
H = hardened shoes steel mandrel, for production honing of hard, rough parts, carbide, ceramic, glass.
B = bronze mandrel for producing very fine finishes and honing exotic metals.



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