Diamond Rotary Dresser

Rotary dresser types: CNC dressing discs, diamond profile roller dresser. 

CNC dressing disc types: UZ, TS, DDS, SD, SG.




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Diamond rotary dresser include CNC dressing discs and diamond profile roller dressers. Rotary dressers are normally used for the manufacturer of components with complex profiles in a mass production process.

To produce the correct geometric form and surface quality it is important to choose the right diamond specification.

Diamond profile roller dresser also known as rotary truers, have the same profile as the component. These dressing tools are particularly suitable for complex profiles in mass production, relatively short dressing cycles, constant dressing with very low wear.

CNC dressing discs are not dedicated to specific component profile and so give flexibility. The form is generated by CNC control. CNC dressing discs are used on specialized dressing spindles. These contain high precision bearings with close roundness tolerances to ensure out repeatability and accurate geometries are achieved. 



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