Diamond Plated Single Pass Honing Tools

Beside the metal bonded sintered brass sleeve honing tools, BOSON also can supply high quality of diamond coated / plated honing tools for a variety of application and materials.


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Diamond Plated Single Pass Honing Tools

At BOSON Abrasives, we take pride in presenting our exceptional range of honing tools, with a special focus on our Diamond Plated Single Pass Honing Tools. These cutting-edge tools are designed for precision internal bore honing applications, providing unparalleled performance.

Our product lineup includes metal bonded sintered abrasive sleeve honing tools, and we go a step further by offering high-quality Electroplated diamond honing tools suitable for a wide range of applications and materials.

The process of single pass honing involves using a series of pre-set diamond plated tools, with plated abrasive sleeves perfectly fitting onto a mandrel. These tools smoothly traverse through a bore with a single in-and-out stroke movement, all while the tool, workpiece, or both are in rotation. The number of honing tools utilized is carefully determined based on factors such as total stock removal, desired surface finish, and geometrical requirements. Each honing tool in the set is incrementally larger in diameter, featuring a finer diamond grain size.

A single layer of diamond is permanently plated onto the sleeve, with approximately 60% of each diamond grain protruding from the bond. This unique design ensures rapid stock removal rates, making these tools highly efficient and reliable for various honing applications.



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