Diamond Cut off Wheels

Diamond cut off wheels are used for cutting of carbide, glass, quartz, ceramics.


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Diamond Cut off Wheels, CBN Cut off Wheels

Diamond cut off wheels are used for efficient cutting of hard, short-chipping and wear resistant materials such as glass, ceramics and carbide, graphite, quartz, ferrite and semiconductor materials.

CBN cut off wheels are used for cutting materials with an affinity for carbon, such as iron-based alloys. High-alloy steels such as HSS and chrome steel with 12% Cr. , hardened steel from 55 HRC and magnetic materials. Soft, long-chipping materials accumulate in the chip space, so they are tend to clog. Compromises can be achieved with electroplated bonds.

The cutting wheels consist of a steel core with the cutting layer on the periphery. The cutting layer in sintered metal, resin or electroplated metal bond contain either diamond or CBN. The combination of bond, type of abrasive, concentration and grit size leads to different tool characteristics which are specified to meet the requirements of different processes and applications.

CBN and diamond cut off wheels diameter range from 60mm to 400mm, Thickness from 0.5mm to 2.8mm.




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